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Ground Water is a Precious National Resource - Preserve it, Protect it and Don't Pollute it.

Rajiv Gandhi National Ground Water Training & Research Institute

Rajiv Gandhi National Ground Water Training & Research Institute was established during IXthFive Year Plan at Raipur as a training wing of Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India and is running continuously since 1997. The RGNGWTRI is envisaged to function as a `Centre of Excellence’ in training ground water resources personnel. It has a national role of conducting training courses for all ground water sector personnel, in the specialised and emerging areas.  State or other institutes are not adequately equipped to meet the training needs in the ground water sector.

Ground water resource is in public domain and increasingly being exploited on large scale that has led to sharp decline in ground water level and deterioration of water quality in major parts of the India. Realizing the need to provide trainings to ground water professionals, sub-professional and other stake holders the Institute has embarked upon a three tier training program. The objective of these trainings is to develop a pool of trained resource persons who would be working towards sustainability of ground water resource.   In Tier- I Training, the trainings are provided in core ground water areas with scientific input to state and central level ground water professionals and sub-professionals in the Institute at Raipur. As a large pool of trained human resource are needed to work on sustainability which cannot be trained in short duration at Raipur, the Institute has been organizing state level trainings to ground water professionals and sub-professionals under its Tier II Training program. It has been envisaged to carry out Ground Water Management through a Participatory approach. In order to train grass-root level stake holders in basic skills of ground water data collection and assistance in field studies Tier- III Bock Level trainings are being organized by the Institute through CGWB Regional and State Unit Offices.